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Area Builders is a full service General Contractor and Construction Company dedicated to building and improving retail and commercial structures according to client needs and desires. We take great pride in our work and always provide excellent, high-quality work at a reasonable price, coupled with outstanding customer service. Founded in 2016 and based in New York, our team is ready to give your space whatever updates it requires from new construction to minor renovations.


Our Values


The Area Builder's goal is simple. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations on a daily basis and maintain all of our relationships. We are a client driven construction company and not a project driven contractor. Our partners know that we will do everything in our power to keep their business on track before, during, and after build-out.

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The team at Area Builders wishes you a happy and healthy New Year! 


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New York, Area Builders is a General Contractor with
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We offer pre-construction, construction management, and
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Area Builders employee lounge

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